Learn new things with the questions of Millionaire: Trivia Game Show! Face new questions with each try, give a chance to luck, and learn from your mistakes! Aim higher every time and use joker boosters to earn more! Start from the basic trivia and slowly answer your way to the top!

You draw your fate in this game: be greedy and take the next question or learn when to stop and accept your score! One wrong answer can cost you all your earnings, while the right answer can open a path to becoming a millionaire! Every race starts with a common knowledge question, and the pace increases with each turn. You might need help from the joker boosters as the questions get more specific, but do not let them confuse you; they are not one hundred percent true. The answers you get might be misleading and get you disqualified. Do not worry; you can always take another shot at this challenging show with just one click. Also, do not forget that you can always watch a short ad and pass a question in a critical moment of fate! Memorize the answers and learn from your mistakes to prepare yourself for a possible chance in the real world and become a trivia master!

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K17 Games developed Millionaire: Trivia Game Show.

Release Date

August 17, 2022


Increasing difficulty

Available passes

New questions every turn

Risky jokers

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.