Get the things in order in Home Pipe Water Puzzle! Everything is a mess right now, and you can single-handedly get all the things working again. Are you ready to handle a little bit of maintenance to pass all the levels in this game?

You will have three main tasks in this game. While the days are passing by, your main aim will be to complete these three tasks that are to handle the pipes to get the water running, get gas to where you need, and have the money poured into the targeted spots. All these will be possible only if you can handle the scenarios well and solve the puzzles at each level. Just connect the pipes and rotate the tubes in a way that lets the water, gas, or money run to the target. This way, with each level you complete, you will pass to the next level, and as soon as you’re done with the three stages, you’ll be passing on the next day. Don’t forget that there are many tools and skins to unlock! Now, let’s see if you can solve the puzzles for good and get the things going!

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PuzzleGame.Com developed Home Pipe Water Puzzler.

Release Date

January 06, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Intuitive skills

Interesting gameplay

Multiple levels

Skins and tools to unlock!


You can use the mouse to choose the options and complete the tasks.