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Grab your billiard cues and get ready to beat your opponents in our various pool games. You can find a number of 8-ball, one-pocket, and many other variations of pool games on this page! Aim carefully with your cue, hit your balls, and try to pocket all of them before your rival. How many matches do you think you can win?

The history of billiard

It's speculated that the name "pool" derives from the French word "poule", which means hen. The oldest use of the word "pool" to define billard-like games was made in 1797 in a Virginia newspaper.

The pool games played today are descended from the two English games imported to the United States back in the 19th century. The first of them was the English billiards which became American four-ball billiards, which is the same game but with an extra red object ball to increase the scoring opportunities. This game was the most popular billiards game in the mid 19th century until the carom game straight rail became more popular.

The second and more influential game was the pyramid pool. During the 1850s, a variant called fifteen-ball pool became popular. Another fun info is that prior to 1889, object balls were all red-colored, and can only be differentiated by numbers on them. English pyramid pool and life pool players were the first to adapt to the balls with different colors. Last addition was the stripes!

Various pool games for everyone!

These games are not only for professional players! Kids and players who have never touched a billiard cue before could enjoy our various pool games with ease! Use your mouse to control your cue carefully, adjust the aim and the power of your shot, and pocket all your balls! Good luck and have fun playing!