Do you love playing snooker but your house doesn't have enough space for a pool table? Don't worry because, with Rack'em 8 Ball Pool, you can train yourself and live your dream of becoming a great pool player! Grab your cue and be prepared to face other players online in this competitive game. Let the cue balls roll and scatter around the table and score points!

Snooker is one of the most popular and relaxing sports out there. The equipment required for snooker might be hard to fit into your house but with games like Rack'em 8 Ball Pool, you can enjoy the competition from your web browser. You don't have to be an expert player to enjoy this game! Similar to its real-life counterpart, your objective in this game is to score a greater number of points than your opponent. Points are scored in two different ways. Players are awarded points for fouls by the opponent. You can also earn points by sinking the balls into the holes. When you first start the game, either you or your opponent will do the first strike. After this, both of you will be assigned one of the two ball types, solids or stripes. You should try to sink the balls of the types you’re assigned. If you pocket one of your opponent’s balls, it will be a foul and they will earn points. Once you pocket all of your balls, your final objective is to pocket the 8-ball. The player who pockets all of their balls and the 8-ball will win the round. To play the game, you should use your mouse. Hold and press the left mouse button to control your cue and try to hit the cue ball. With practice, you can become the best snooker player in this game. You can keep track of your points in the achievements tab!

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Release Date

November 2017


  • Multiplayer online gameplay
  • Send an invite link to a friend to play together
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Compare your points to others with achievement page


Use your mouse to play this game.