Why did the chicken cross the road? Find out with Crossy Road! Not only chickens but many other characters are waiting for you to help them cross the dangerous roads featured in this award-winning game. As one of the biggest game titles, Crossy Road has become a favorite among our many players with its multi-platform feature and eye candy retro graphics. So choose one of a series of funny characters to begin your road-crossing journey! Dispel the illusions of pleasant Sunday strolls because this won't be that kind of a walk. Obstacles of both the mobile and static variety are there to end your exciting adventure early. Keep your eyes on the road!

Crossy Road is an intuitive game with colorful graphics and fun levels with clever designs. You can start the game very easily. Choose one of the available characters and use your arrow keys to navigate through the levels. Your aim is to travel as far as you can without being stopped by obstacles. You'll encounter roads with high traffic, raging rivers with logs floating along the water’s surface, and even some mean characters. Sometimes your path will be clear, but you'll also come across puzzle-like passes where you should think and act quickly before you hit a wall or fall into the deep waters of the river. Don't even think about taking a break at a safe location. Your screen will keep scrolling, and if you get caught it'll be game over. Keep your eyes peeled! You'll see coins scattered around the levels, and if you collect enough of these coins you’ll be able to unlock new characters. But collecting them off the pavement is not the only way to come by those valuable coins: After every few minutes of play, you'll be granted a free reward!

After playing the game, you'll know the answer to the question asked at the outset: The chicken crossed the road because it’s fun and challenging! If you'd like to leave the chicken behind and try something different, explore our other action-arcade games!


Crossy Road was created by Hipster Whale.

Release Date

November 2014


  • Many characters to play with
  • Free coin gifts
  • Easy controls
  • Fun arcade style game


Use WASD keys to move around.