Taste the victory by confronting your enemies in Confront! If you are looking for an occasion where you will boost your self-esteem, this game is just for you! Now, confront your enemies and take them down one by one!

Here, you will see one of the most unique shooting games ever. You will find yourself in the middle of a blockade with your weapon. Your character rotates around itself automatically. So, you must hold on tight to your gun because that plus your shooting skills are the things that will save you! There is an important note, though. When you are surrounded by a group of people, you shouldn’t forget that not all of them are your enemies. There will be innocent civilians in the middle of the blockade, too. If you shot one of those disarmed people, you will be shot. Also, you should shoot all your enemies before you are out of bullets. So, now get ready to eliminate all your enemies one by one and save your life besides the innocent people!

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Okashi Games developed Confront.

Release Date

February 22, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels to complete

• Intuitive controls

• Interesting and unique gameplay


You can use the left click to shoot.