In 8 Ball Pool With Friends, it's time to show that you're the master of billiard! Grab your cue stick, place the balls on the table, and aim for winning. Whether you're familiar with this addictive game or not, we're sure you'll have a great time while you pocket your balls in the holes.

Playing pool at your house requires you to fit a big pool table to your living room, but you don't have to worry about that with this game! Your objective is similar to the real 8 ball pool game. You try to win each match by pocketing your balls first and then the 8 ball before your opponent. The controls of the game are pretty simple, as the only thing you need to play is your mouse. This game features 2 different modes that you can play. The first one is the practice mode where you can hone your skills and get familiar with the gameplay mechanics. The second mode is where the real challenge lies. This is the match mode, and you'll face other players in this mode. The game is played in turns. To hit a ball, move your cursor around the screen to adjust the angle and the power of your shot. Once you're ready, click on the screen to hit the ball with your cue stick. Good luck!

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MarketJS developed 8 Ball Pool With Friends.

Release Date

May 3, 2019


  • Colorful graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Can play with other players online


You can use your mouse to play this game.