Get ready to be the king of 8 balls in Pool 8 Ball Mania! A classic eight-ball game is here for you to challenge your aiming skills. Get ready for a challenging rivalry and a heated match!

In this standard eight-ball pool game, your aim is to pot all your balls before your opponent pots all of their balls. Which one of the two types of balls will be yours is defined by the first hit. The first ball you pot out of solid balls, or the striped balls will be yours. You need to aim well to hit the balls accurately and pot them when it is your turn. If you get any ball in, you will get a second round. Only when you pot all your balls, you can and should pot the black ball. If you pot the black ball before your balls are all removed from the table, you will fail the game. Now, let’s practice a nice and classic eight-ball game and see if you can win the game!

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Inlogic Software developed Pool 8 Ball Mania.

Release Date

June 09, 2020


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Easy and relaxing controls

• Assistive aiming lines

• Player vs Player or Player vs Computer mode available


Drag the cursor to aim and release the left click to hit the balls with the white ball.