Let’s see if you will be able to hold the championship trophy in Bowling Challenge! Forget about all the classic bowling settings and easy setups. You will have an epic series of pin sets with challenges you won’t even imagine in this bowling game!

Come and enjoy one of the most fun sports of all time which is all about precision and stamina. Keep throwing the balls in the best way right at the pins and see how accurate your play is. You have two main game modes you can practice your skills with. In the endless mode, you will have an endless wave of single bowling pins coming at you which you should hit without missing knocking down all the pins. In the levels mode, through a series of many levels, you will be presented with various types of challenges and dynamic platforms through which you will try to hit the pins. Either way, click on the screen, drag the cursor to aim, and release the click to throw the ball with an aim to hit the pins directly to go on with the game!

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2Play developed Bowling Challenge.

Release Date

December 21, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

2 main game modes

Skip the level bonus available with awarded ads

Addictive gameplay


Click on the screen, drag the cursor to aim and release the click to throw the ball.