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Here at Kizi, you can play the best online golf games for free. We’ve got a number of 18-hole simulation games as well as a collection of funny mini-golf games. Use the club to hit the ball across the green. Aim carefully and swing the club with the right angle and force. Your objective is to get the ball into the hole in as few swings as possible. Below, you can read more about these entertaining games. For more sports titles besides golf, check out our online sports games collection!

What is a game of golf?

Throughout history and all across the globe, humans have invented lots of games that involved hitting a ball with a stick. Modern golf, however, emerged in Scotland some time during the 15th century. We know that, because King James II of Scotland banned the game in 1457! The Old Course in St Andrews, Scotland, is generally considered to be the oldest 18-hole course in the world.

To play this sport, each player must start from the tee box or teeing ground. Here, the ball is placed on a small wooden peg called a tee. Using a club, the player must whack the ball to send it flying across the green. The objective is to get the ball into each of the 18 holes in as few strokes as possible. The green is full of hazards designed to trap the ball. There are sandy traps called bunkers, water and rock hazards, and patches of ‘rough’ (unmanicured sections around the grassy fairway). It’s very hard to recover if your ball ends up in one of these areas, so it’s best to avoid them altogether! The area where the hole is located, is called the putting green. Here, the grass is very closely mown for precise, short-range shots.

Classic simulator games are based on the 18-hole game. Can you perfect your aim and score a legendary hole-in-one in one of our golf sims?

Mini-golf games with funny obstacles

Kids love mini-golf! In this child-friendly variation on the original game, you have to complete a series of tiny fairways filled with all kinds of funny obstacles like bridges, tunnels, loops, and ramps. Again, your objective is to strike the ball and shoot it past the various hazards to reach the hole at the end of the fairway. Try to conquer each hole in as few shots as possible! Our online golf games for kids are colorful and full of surprising obstacles. Have fun playing!