Footgolf Evolution combines features of two popular activities, football, and golf. Grab the ball and head to the soccer field, but don't expect to find rival teams and players. If you are ready for a fresh new experience, then let the game start!

Throw away your niblick, you won't be needing it here! And look at those goalposts! They are completely blocked or removed. That's because the objective of this game is completely different from the classic football or golf! In this exciting game, your main goal is to throw the ball and try to make it reach it to the hole located on the soccer field. To do that, you can use your mouse. Click on the ball and drag the cursor to adjust the power and the angle of your shot. You should be careful because, despite the lack of an opposing team, there are still some obstacles on your way. Spiked wheels that'll pop your ball, sand patches that'll slow you down, and blocks that prevent you from shortly reaching the hole, are just a few of these. In the top left corner, you can see the number of the kicks you've used and the par of the level. You can earn up to 3 stars on each level. Try to keep your kick count under or equal to par to earn all of them. In the bottom left corner, you'll see your level and just across it, the number of stars you have.

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Onduck Games developed Footgolf Evolution.

Release Date

November 11, 2017


  • 24 entertaining levels
  • Colotful 2D graphics
  • Addicting gameplay
  • One button controls


Use your mouse to play this game.