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Hidden Object games (HOG) are popular games in which you have to search images for hidden items and clues. There are different kinds of hidden object puzzles depending on the interactive elements included within the game. Basic Hidden Object games include a series of highly detailed images that make up the environment of the game. This could be a cluttered room, or a dark graveyard, or a busy street scene, often featuring lots of jumbled items to inspect closely. Alongside each image, you’ll see a list of items that you need to find. The items might be listed as words, shown as silhouettes, or represented by a description so that you need to guess what it is that you’re looking for. Your objective is to collect every item on the list.

Become a detective and solve mysterious puzzles

Hidden Object games often revolve around a mystery narrative, and the genre is especially suited to detective stories and plots revolving around supernatural events. Interactive Hidden Object games (iHOG) feature scenes that the player can interact with beyond simply clicking on items to collect them. Such games usually feature more adventure-type aspects that are woven into the story line. Hidden Object Puzzle Adventures (HOPA) feature more adventure elements, but are also heavier on puzzles. In these games, object search scenes may also reveal a series of puzzles that the player needs to solve to progress to the next stage. FRagmented Object Games (FrOG) are another subcategory of Hidden Object games, but this time, rather than looking for items, you have to recover fragments of an item and piece them together. The larger and most successful Hidden Object puzzle titles tend to feature a combination of all of these elements, and often also feature animated clips, side-missions, and collectibles. This keeps the gameplay varied and allows for lots of exciting plot twists.

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