Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object

Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object is a fun hidden objects game that will lock you in front of the screen for hours of fun! Featuring a well-planned back story and hundreds of levels, you can be addicted to this puzzle adventure. You can customize the game, select 15 different game modes, and enjoy various mini puzzle games under this title. Are you ready to have fun while training your brain at the same time!?

Our star character Mary, wants to be a truly inspired wedding planner. When she returns to her parent's house after a very long time, the perfect opportunity rings her door. Her old best friend is getting married, and she has the chance to make her dreams come true with a perfect garden wedding! Then, an idea comes to her mind. She can sell the old stuff in the house as a jumble sale! Wander and discover the rooms in this big old house one by one. Thanks to social media, you always have lots of customers knocking at the door. Find the hidden objects and make savings to purchase new items for the perfect garden wedding. You run out of materials? Don't worry, you can collect your necessary materials with mini match-3 games in no time! If you are ready for this long-termed adventure now you should click on the play button and start the game!

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Origaming Media developed Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object.

Release Date

May 21, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Well-designed backstory and characters
  • Hidden objects adventures for long-term playing
  • Achievements and targets to track


You can use your mouse or finger to play this game.