In Newfangled Robot Escape, are you ready to venture into the unknown and do whatever it takes to help this robot escape from this room? The lights are off, everywhere is dark and there is no one else here to save this poor robot. In this room escape game, you'll find yourself being tested. Do you think you can keep your nerve and solve the puzzles to help him see the daylight again?

Everything was going perfect. You see, our little robot lives in a small town and that's why he loves discovering new places. The thing is, he got into some sort of trouble this time round. He is stuck in one of the rooms of this scary place and you are all that he has. Do you have what it takes to save him? Insert scary, bone-chilling music here and let's start playing! Your objective is to help this robot escape from the room he's stuck in by solving the puzzles and finding clues to open the door. You'll see many puzzles in the rooms that you need to solve to find clues and items that will lead you to our character. Some of the puzzles are too difficult, so you'll definitely need to find the clues that will help you solve them. You need to think wisely and take your time to solve each puzzle. Do you think you'll be able to save him in time? Have fun playing!

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GAMES4KING developed Newfangled Robot Escape.

Release Date

August 19, 2020.


  • Many puzzles to solve
  • Intuitive controls
  • Nice 2D graphics
  • Fun and addictive gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.