In Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs 2, grab your magnifying glass, and continue your search for colorful dinosaur eggs through multiple challenging levels. Can you provide a second chance to these prehistoric creatures by finding and securing their eggs before your time runs out?

Extinction is a cruel side of nature, but it happens. Luckily, you found some dinosaur eggs, and there is still hope for these ancient animals! To start the game, press the play button. The objective of this game is to find all of them on each level before you run out of time. The game offers 5 different levels, each with 26 eggs for you to discover. To play, you can use your mouse. When you start the game, move your cursor around the screen to find the eggs with your magnifying glass. These dinosaurs put great effort in hiding their eggs, so be prepared for a challenge! Once you find one, click to collect it. You can keep track of the ones you've found by checking the bar at the bottom of the screen. Try to be as quick as you can! When you start a level, the clock will start ticking, and you'll have 5 minutes to finish your job. If you fail to discover everything before the time runs out, you'll lose the game and have to try again. Completing a level will unlock the next one. Keep in mind that each level is more challenging than the previous one. Good luck!

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MGS developed Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs 2.

Release Date

July 11, 2018


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 5 challenging levels to complete
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • 26 different eggs to find in each level


You can play this game with your mouse.