Mermaid Wonders Hidden Object invites you to the magical world of our beautiful mermaids! Are you ready for an adventure deep in the sea? Precious jewels, sea kingdom characters, and many other items will be waiting for you. Find all the hidden objects for these mermaids and complete their story. You are ready to be a part of this magical world now. So, just click on the play button and let it started in no time!

Hello dear friend! The things you will witness today are the big secrets of the sea. The animals, creatures, and royal members of the sea kingdom will be waiting for you. It is time for you to help them complete their stories! Your objective in this amazing game is to find all the hidden objects in the pictures. You can see the items that you should be searching for from the bottom of the game screen. When you find one, click on it, and it will disappear. The challenge of the adventure starts when you run out of time. You'll have limited time to find all the objects. You can track your remaining time from the bottom of the screen too. If you get stuck finding the items, you can use the hint button. You are only one step behind from this magical undersea world. Good luck!

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Origaming Media developed Mermaid Wonders Hidden Object.

Release Date

September 27, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Several levels to complete
  • Hint button to use
  • Racing against the time limit


You can use your mouse or the touch control to play this game.