Halloween Hidden Objects invites you to test your detective skills on this special day! The dark surrounded everywhere! You are facing the evil spirits in this spooky puzzle game. You must collect as many points as you can to save your soul. If not, you will become one of them forever. Find all the hidden objects among the monsters, ghosts, creepy pumpkins, and skulls. If you are lucky enough, you can complete the goals on time. What if you are not? We hope you will never find out!

You are about to get into a dark place where your soul can be destroyed forever and ever. You must keep moving forward no matter what. Complete all the levels and never look back. In this fun and Halloween-themed hidden objects game, your objective is to find all the objects in the given time. When you start the game, you will see a board of objects on the right side of the game screen. These are the objects that you will be searching for in the pictures. Don't forget to track your remaining time, or everything ends! There is a hint button at the bottom of the game screen in case you get stuck. Good luck now and have fun playing!

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Lof Games developed Halloween Hidden Objects.

Release Date

October 20, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Several spooky levels to complete
  • Hint button to use
  • Fun and engaging gameplay with a Halloween theme


You can use your mouse or the touch controls to play this game.