Solve the puzzles in a head-spinning adventure in Magic Herobrine! Find yourself deep in the dark corridors of a hidden temple. Now, you must complete some tasks to be set free. Are you ready for this challenge?

This game presents you with a nice smart brain and puzzle quest. For a series of levels, you will be solving some challenging puzzles. The story surrounding the puzzle is equally intriguing. This is strengthened thanks to the vintage-looking gloomy graphics of the game. You will be dealing with the special blocks and the extra objects around them like the wooden boxes. Consider the correct order to pop the boxes to let the special blocks with question marks fall next to you. Be careful while popping the boxes or using the explosives not to let the special block fall far away and fail the game. Let’s see if you can complete all 104 levels using your wits!

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Stickman vs. Monster School Team developed Magic Herobrine.

Release Date

April 08, 2022


2D vintage-looking graphics

Intuitive skills

Interesting gameplay

104 levels


You can use the mouse to choose the options and complete the tasks.