Enter mystic rooms to find the hidden ingredients with Hidden Magic OG! Collect points to get access to more advanced rooms; can you get there on your first try, or will it take a few runs? Examine the specially designed rooms, get lost in the witchy environment, and improve your attention skills with this addictive game!

Grab your magnifying glass and jump into the time machine to go back to middle age; people here need you in their huts. Get lists, search for the lost, and mark your findings to help people. You can get assigned to quests, complete them to get rewarded with points, and use your points to get your next job in a new home! Start with the first home and check the list below. You can change the camera angle to inspect the room carefully. Click on the objects you find to erase them from the list. Watch out for the lime limit; you can follow the bar at the top left to see how much time you have. Replay some levels to increase your score, and unlock all eight rooms to explore them all! Become a master inspector to help people find their potions!

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Ringier Axel Springer Polska developed Hidden Magic OG.

Release Date

February 16, 2023


  • 8 exclusively designed rooms
  • A total of 40 levels
  • Improving puzzle-solving skills
  • Easy to play


Use your mouse to play.