Clean blocks to complete achievements in Block Wood Puzzle 2! Place the randomly generated block pieces in this relaxing puzzle, carry them over the game board, and put them in the right spots to clean out filled-in rows! Play to break new records, use your achievements to claim rewards, and unlock new in-game opportunities!

Are you ready to climb through a global scoreboard? Time to put your logic skills to use and plan your moves throughout the game board while the game surprises you with new pieces. Pick up your first piece and start following the tutorials. Place your first blocks, see how it affects the board, and grasp the controls. Now it's your turn! Pick up any block you want, and start from any spot on the board. Beginning from the corners of the board can come in handy as it leaves more space for the incoming pieces. Always keep enough space for the biggest possible pieces so that you can keep the game going. Fill in horizontal and vertical rows, and try new move combinations to eliminate a few at once. Get creative with your moves to discover new achievements, claim your rewards, and use your coins to rotate the pieces to survive further!

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MarketJS developed Block Wood Puzzle 2.

Release Date

September 7, 2023


  • Age-appropriate
  • A global scoreboard
  • Unlockable achievements
  • In-game rewards


You can use your mouse to play this game.