Put on your cowboy hat and get ready to collect various animals in Rodeo Riders! In this fun game, there are many different areas you can discover. Can you fill your zoo with all the animals?

We hope you can keep your balance because these animals are hard to tame! Your objective in this game is to tame all the animals and fill your zoo with them. Taming an animal is a bit challenging but the controls of the game are simple. When you start the game, Click and hold your mouse on the screen to swing your lasso. Once you become close to an animal, let go of your hold to throw your lasso and press and hold the left mouse button again to catch the animal. To tame the animal, you have to break it. You do this by riding it for a while. After some time, the animal will become aggressive and will try to throw you off. Time your lasso correctly and try to catch and ride another animal to prevent falling to the ground. If you fall to the ground, your ride will end. The animal you have tamed will be placed in an environment in your zoo. You can upgrade their environment to keep them happy and earn more money! On each run, you will be given a different task. Can you complete all of them?

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Yad.com developed Rodeo Riders.

Release Date

February 3, 2024


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Various animals to catch and tame
  • Different environments to unlock


Use your mouse to play.