Christmas is coming, and you should feel its joy in Xmas Sliding Puzzles! This fun game lets you feel the merry joy of Christmas with cozy pictures and fun puzzles. Are you ready to successfully solve these puzzles and have fun, too?

In this fun puzzle game, you should figure out a way to create the lovely pics you are given on the bottom right of the screen. All the pictures are of Santa, happy deer, cozy houses, and snow! So, get ready to feel the Christmas spirit. There are 8 levels in this puzzle game. Each level consists of 16-square puzzles. You need to use your mouse to slide the squares and switch their places to create the pic you are given. You have a chronometer running but it only counts your time. So, it's not there as a limit! Still, you need to know that with each second that you spend trying to solve the puzzle, you lose ten points. Now, relax and turn up the volume of your computer to listen to the calming Christmas-themed game music while solving your puzzles.

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Lof Games developed Xmas Sliding Puzzles.

Release Date
December 01, 2021

• Colorful graphics
• Fun gameplay
• Entertaining levels
• Intuitive controls
• Christmas spirit!

You can use the mouse of your computer to slide the puzzle pieces.