Here at Kizi we have no shortage of amazing dot io games, and from Jetti Games is one of the most popular browser-based dot io games. Fidget spinners are all the rage and you can continue playing with those addictive and relaxing gadgets in the competitive setting of! Enter the arena and collect gems to become the strongest player. Compete against other players, dodge their attacks, and try to destroy them! In, you should be prepared for the challenge!

Some online multiplayer games require you to co-operate with other players. Dot io games, however, thrive on competition. Players from all around the world clash with each other to reach the highest score. has a similar game design to the other amazing dot io games. As the player, your objective is to survive as long as you can and grow your spinner by collecting gems scattered around the map. Before you start the game and step into the chaotic world of, you should give your spinner a name and select a skin from 30 different choices. While the latter is optional, giving your spinner a name will make it easy for you to track your points on the scoreboard. Once you’re ready to face other players, press start and let the action begin! Just like other titles in the dot io genre, you have to start small and make your way up to the top. Your spinning speed will be slow and your size will be small at first but by eating gems you can become bigger. At the outset, you should avoid other players because you’ll be an easy target for them. Once you reach a decent size, you can add other smaller players to your hunting list, along with gems. Killing a player will cause them to explode and turn into gems, which you can collect. But be careful! Such an easy treat will also attract the attention of other players.

Do you have what it takes to conquer the world of When you reach the highest score, continue your adventure in the other addictive IO games. Everybody can play here at Kizi. We have great collections of free online games! Check out our website and don't forget to have fun!


Jetti Games developed this game, as well as


  • 30 different spinner skins to choose from
  • Multiplayer online gameplay
  • Simple controls
  • 2D graphics


Use your mouse to move around the map. Press the left mouse button or the space key to boost.