In Dotted Girl Coloring Book, it's time to add some color to Dotted Girl's life! We live in a beautiful world and what is life without a bit of color? Can you even imagine a world without color? Well, that's our superhero's world right now! Are you ready to unleash your inner artist and add some color to the lifeless pictures of our superhero?

Our famous superhero prefers living in color and so do we. For someone as colorful as her, these black and white pictures look horrible. So, we need someone to liven things up a bit. Just for this once, are you ready to be her superhero in this game? Your objective is to paint all the 6 pictures you can see in the book. We leave the color choices to you. It's time for you to unleash your imagination and play with paints. And just something to remember before we begin: We make no mistakes, just happy little accidents. After these words of wisdom, we can finally begin! You can see the paints you can use on the left side of the screen. Some of the pictures are really detailed, so you can use the zoom in and out button to paint even the smallest of details. Have fun playing!

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SisiGames developed Dotted Girl Coloring Book.

Release Date

November 08, 2017.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 6 pictures to paint
  • 20 color options


You can use your mouse to play this game.