Coloring games for kids, free online at Kizi!

We’ve collected lots of great coloring games for children here at Kizi. Most of our games feature multiple pictures to color, and are sorted by theme and interest. We’ve got coloring games featuring different farm animals and pets, for instance. And for kids who love machines, we also have coloring games with trucks, planes, and helicopters. Coloring is a favorite pastime for children. Coloring allows children to be creative and practice their fine motor skills. It’s also quite relaxing, and has recently been marketed as a therapeutic activity for adults to engage in as well. On the whole, however, our coloring games are designed for children. Some of our games are more about color selection, where a single tap will color in the selected field. Other games are more about precision. You can select different brushes and swipe carefully to color within the lines. Have a browse through our coloring games collection and find the images you like best.

Coloring games online: color by number

We also offer a number of 2D and 3D color by number games. In these games, every area or pixel is numbered, and so are all of the colors. Choose which areas you want to color in, and find the corresponding hues. Tap or swipe across the right cells to color them in and reveal the hidden image or to build the 3D figure. Depending on the size and type of the canvas, color-by-number coloring games can be fairly simple, or rather complex, with multiple images to unlock.

Coloring games for PC and mobile: no mess, no hassle

One of the greatest benefits of online coloring games is that it’s clean and easy for parents to manage. No more hands and faces covered paint, no more worries about marker stains on clothing or pencil scratches on walls. Cleaning up afterwards was never so easy! So come and have a browse to discover the many online coloring books we have available for kids. Have fun playing!