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Learn touch typing with Kizi’s free online typing games

Touch typing is a useful skill to learn. Using a touch typing system, you can learn to type extremely fast without looking at the keyboard. That way, you can look at the screen and see what you’re typing instead, allowing you to catch any typing errors immediately. Training yourself to learn touch typing is time consuming though. The usual method is to use stickers to cover the letters of the keyboard while to try to type out texts and exercises. As you progress, you cover more and more letter keys until they are all hidden and you know their position by touch. However, endlessly typing out texts and letters sequences is a boring way to exercise your skills. There’s a much more fun way to do it: with typing games! With Kizi’s typing games, learning touch typing is easy and entertaining. Come give it a try!

Test and improve your skills with these free typing games!

In our typing games, your typing skills are needed to protect the word from an alien invasion, or to defend yourself against the zombie horde. Type the words and letters your see on screen as quickly as you can to shoot down your attackers. If you’re too slow, they’ll come close enough to get you. Try to keep your eyes on the screen and your fingers on the keyboard. In a number of our touch typing games, you can select which portion of the keyboard you want to focus on. This is a useful option that allows you to increase or decrease the difficulty level, as well as target the movements you find the most tricky to master. With Kizi’s typing games, you’ll be a speed typing pro in no time! Let’s get started!

How to play: hand positioning for touch typing games

To learn touch typing, place your fingers on the middle row of letters. The index finger of your left hand rests on the F key, and the index finger of your right hand on the J key. Both of these keys usually have a small ridge so that you can feel whether your index fingers are in the right position. Your left pinky finger is on the A key and the right pinky on the semicolon. Your thumbs hover over the space bar. From this position, you can easily slide your fingers up and down the keyboard to reach the other letters and symbols. The more you learn to look at the screen as you play, the earlier you can spot incoming foes and tap the right letters to knock them out. The quicker you type, the further you’ll get! Aside from shooter-type games, we also have typing games with platform gameplay and fun word puzzle games. If you’re interested in playing more word games, check out this page to play more games with words!