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Build towers, forts, and bridges with Kizi’s best online building games. Stack the floors up to create a sturdy tower, build defensive structures to reinforce your fort, and design a bridge that is robust enough to carry the weight of passing cars and trucks. In our fun block stacking games, you can build all kinds of constructions by balancing the pieces on top of each other. Stop the swinging crane cables at the right moment to lower down the floor segments, crates, or roofs. Is your engineering project built solidly enough to remain upright, or will it topple over? You can build towers with bricks and walls, or you can use a whole selection of tricky geometrical shapes that will take some creativity to integrate into your construction without creating an engineering disaster. Can you come up with some clever planning and solutions? If you're more into tower defense than tower building, click here to view our full collection of Tower Defense games.

Building games and demolition puzzles

Not content just to build? Ugly constructions can also be demolished in one of our building demolition games. Use explosives and wrecking balls to bring the whole thing crashing down. Often, you will have to figure out which materials and structural aspects to target in order to bring the building down within a minimum amount of moves. Look carefully and figure out which pieces are essential to the frame of the building and which ones aren’t.

Design and build a sturdy bridge

There are roughly two types of building games. The first are skill-based games in which you have to stretch a line to create a plank of the right length, allowing your character to bridge a series of gaps. These games are not strictly about building, but about estimating distances on the horizontal plane and transposing that estimate to the vertical plane. If your guess is too far off, your character will plummet into the ravine and you’ll lose the game.

The second type of bridge-building game is more conventionally related to construction work and engineering. You receive a budget to buy beams and other materials, and must create a bridge that will allow motor vehicles to cross a ravine or river. You’ll have to build enough support beams to keep your construction from collapsing, but be sure to stay within your building budget. Come up with clever methods to make your bridges more durable.

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You can play all of Kizi’s unblocked building games for free on your laptop, PC, and mobile devices. Have a browse and select your favorite types of construction and demolition games to play!