Channel your inner Picasso in Color Pixel Art Classic! You can now be one of the best artists with a new kind of style you have. Pixel art is rising with your touch on the palette, and you are creating beautiful artworks with it. Get your paints ready to color beautiful and new wave paintings now!

In this game, coloring paintings is easier than ever. Plus, the outcome you get is trendy and radiant. Your portfolio is quite wide. You can color futuristic paintings from animals to plants, from foods to people, from monsters to cars, and whatnot. Choose one of the schemes like the hipster-looking Santa and start coloring it. In this pixel art, you will see that each pixel of the painting has a number assigned to them. You can see your palette underneath the painting with many colors. You will be given a number for each color which you can then use to match with the pixels in the pic. Simply slide the color scheme if you want to see the second set of colors if there is any. You can use the scroll wheel of your mouse to zoom in on the painting so that you will see the numbers on the pixels closely. So, get on to work and relax a little while creating beautiful and bedazzling futuristic colorings!

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Famobi GmbH developed Color Pixel Art Classic.

Release Date
November 19, 2021

• Colorful pixel graphics
• Multiple schemes to color
• Intuitive controls
• Fun and relaxing gameplay

You can use the mouse of your computer to choose the colors and color the pixels, the scroll wheel of your mouse to zoom in.