Get ready for some competition because everybody’s favorite dot io game,, is here! What could be more fun than becoming a snake and eating everything in your path? Engaging in thrilling confrontations with other players and trying to eat them, of course! Belonging to one of the best entertainment genres, which captures the essence of the constant challenge of online multiplayer games, features everything you look for in a dot io game! Unpredictable opponents, the race to become the best player, and exciting moments that keep you up during your gameplay session. If these sound exciting enough, you better hit that start button right now!

Dot io games are all about the survival of the fittest. Just like the other titles in the dot io genre, has fast-paced gameplay where the threat is constant as you try to eat as many pellets as you can to become the biggest player on the field and become indestructible. Every other player in this multiplayer online environment is trying to achieve the same goal so be prepared for challenges. Before starting the game, you can choose to customize your worm. You can change the shape of its head and the color of both its body and stripes. In nature, brightly colored animals are usually deadly. Why not imitate this and send a subtle message to your opponents? Once you are happy with the look of your worm, enter a nickname so you can track your scores easily on the score table. Your worm moves by itself, but you should direct it with your mouse. Simply move your mouse in the direction you want to travel and your worm will follow it. You can also shoot at other worms with the left mouse button or the space key. Collect pellets and try to trick other players to defeat them!

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Jetti Games developed this game.


  • Online multiplayer
  • Challenging gameplay
  • 2D graphics
  • Customize your character


Use your mouse to play this game. Press the left mouse button to shoot.