Princess Juliet never thought that her kitten would escape during their visit to the local zoo in the exciting adventure, Princess Juliet: Zoo Escape. Can you help the enchanted princess and her friends find the cute little kitten before something bad happens to her? With different puzzles and fun mini-games, Princess Juliet needs your help on this exciting journey!

Even after turning from an ordinary girl into a princess by finding a magical tiara, Princess Juliet still loves to visit the zoo like she used to. A place full of exotic, wild, and unpredictable animals will present challenges, and the group met one when a lion roared as they were near its exhibit. Scared by the loud roar, the little kitten leapt out of Juliet’s arms and ran away. Travel through three different sections of the zoo to collect clues to solve the different puzzles. In the first level, you will visit the African animals, like an elephant, a zebra, a monkey, and even a hippo! These cute creatures can help you but you have to help them first! Give the elephant a bath by finding the pieces of the water hose, and give the monkey the fruits he wants. Once you complete a level, you can unlock the next one! The second stage is where the big cats are located. Be careful! A tiger has broken out of its cage and is roaming around. When you hear it coming, you should hide behind something. Cage the hungry cat and you’re ready for the final level. Can you free Princess Juliet’s cat from the grasp of a mother gorilla?

Being a princess doesn’t mean sitting in the castle all day! Join Princes Juliet in her other games and help her with lots of different challenges!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Cute characters
  • Fun mini-games
  • Fun puzzles


Use your mouse to play the game.