Join your favorite princess in her nautical adventure, Princess Juliet: Underwater Escape, and try to help her escape from the clutches of the mean octopus. The peaceful blue waters of the ocean hide many dangers beneath the waves, and our princess needs your assistance to return to the safety of the surface. Can you find the missing items and solve the various puzzles to free her from her underwater prison?

Princesses don’t always wear gowns and beautiful dresses. Sometimes they wear diving suits to take a serene journey to the depths of the ocean. Princess Juliet thought it would be a great adventure when she stepped onto the boat, ready to sail to the diving spot. But bad luck followed her and the mean octopus kidnapped and locked her in an underwater prison. This six-armed fiend doesn’t know that it kidnapped the wrong princess! Like the other games in this amazing series, your adventure takes place through three different and puzzle-filled levels. In the first stage, you have to help the princess break free from her cell by finding hidden objects. Some of these objects are in plain sight while others might require a keen eye to find. Once you successfully break out of the cell, you will have to escape from the prison. Oh no! It seems the octopus imprisoned other fishes! In this second level, try to get rid of the shark guardian by getting help from other fishes. Once out and free again, it’s time to return to the surface in the third and last level. The beautiful princess needs to find a way to use the submarine so help her by finding more hidden items to solve different mini puzzles!

From winter lands to the zoo, Princess Juliet likes to travel and have fun! Join her in the full collection of other Princess Juliet games!


  • 3 different levels to play
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Fun puzzles to solve
  • Mini-games


Use your mouse to play the game and interact with the world.