Just like many other princesses, Juliet loves music and playing instruments. She even has a grand piano in her castle that she wants to learn how to play, and in Princess Juliet: Piano Lesson, you can sit beside your favorite princess to help her as she tries to create beautiful and soothing melodies. Can you help Princess Juliet discover the virtuoso within?

Ah, the calming and magical sounds of the gentle melodies...You might think animals would also love beautiful music but cats value their sleep more than anything else. Unfortunately, the Princess Juliet’s little recital came to an abrupt and early halt when her cat was startled by the sounds of the piano and jumped onto the strings and tore them to shreds. Bad kitty! But no need to fret about it because you are here to help! This game features three different stages that you can play through. In the first stage, you can join Princess Juliet in playing the piano. Use your keyboard to play with her until the little cat comes. In the second stage, you have to repair the piano to continue playing it. To do that, keep your eyes peeled because you need to find four hidden strings to replace the old ones. You can find all four of these new strings in the room. Once you’ve found them, click on them to collect them. After gathering all four, click on them to repair the piano. After completing the second stage, you will unlock the third and final stage. Here you can test the piano to make sure it’s working. You can play the piano as much as you like, and you can even record your music! Better watch out for the cat, though. You wouldn’t want it to ruin your performance again!

Princess Juliet is an adventurous girl and she likes to visit many different places. You can check out other Princess Juliet games and help her out some more. Have fun!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Cute characters
  • 3 entertaining levels with fun puzzles to solve
  • Mini-games


Use your mouse to interact with the game world. Use your keyboard to play the piano.