Living in a beautiful castle, Princess Juliet loves throwing nice parties and inviting her friends over. Help her get ready for the party in the game Princess Juliet: Castle Party. Juliet owns three playful cats and they often run away. One of them created a mess in the castle and you have to help Juliet tidy things up before the guests arrive. Clean up, make new decorations, and bake a new cake! Let’s get started!

Princess Juliet: Castle Party features four different levels for you to play. Before the guests arrive, Princess Juliet wants to make sure that her playful cats are safe and won’t cause any trouble. In the first level, try to catch these furry felines and put them in their cages. Oh no! One of them escaped and is heading to the dining room where all the delicious food and beautiful decorations are! What a mess! In the second level, help the princess clean up the room by placing the broken items and other objects in the correct bins. The decorations also got destroyed. Let’s make new ones! Look at the design the princess is holding and try to create the exact same decorations by choosing different items. That cake looks miserable, too. You’d better bake a new and better one! In the third level, let the princess’s friend Koobs help you choose the correct ingredients for the cake. When the decorations are done, the cake looks yummy! All this hard work made Princess Juliet’s dress dirty. Time to choose a new one for her! Head up to her room on the fourth level and give her a new outfit. She looks pretty and ready for the party!

Once the party is over, this princess will be ready for new adventures. Join her in our Princess Juliet games collection and have fun!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Cute characters
  • 4 different levels
  • Fun mini-games


Use your mouse to play the game.