The white snow covers the trees like a fluffy blanket in the next adventure of everyone’s favorite princess, Princess Juliet: Winter Escape. Thinking she would have a nice vacation in this winter wonderland, the princess’s dreams were crushed when the local evil troll kidnapped her friends. Can you help her collect the correct items and rescue her friends from the candy hut?

Adventure follows where Princess Juliet goes and this time is no different. Sitting beside a cozy fire and drinking hot cocoa will have to wait while you try to help Juliet rescue her friends. In this amazing game, your objective is to complete three different levels by solving puzzles as you find different items. The candy hut where our princess’s friends are being held captive lies deep within the forest, and it will not be easy to reach it. In the first level, collect the required objects to build yourself a sleigh so you can travel to the lake. In the level, you’ll see lots of different characters who are willing to help you, but you should help them first. From a snowman needing a bucket to a squirrel looking for acorns, help them find what they need. Once you make it to the lake, you have to find a way to cross it. You can click on the object and characters you see on the screen to interact with them. But keep your eyes peeled! Some of the items are hidden and you might need to search for them before you can collect them! Once you make it to the candy hut, keep an eye out for the troll because he is patrolling around! Can you outwit the troll and save Princess Juliet’s friends?

Are you ready to face other challenges from the Princess Juliett games have to offer? Go and help the pretty princess and save the day!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 3 fun levels to complete
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Different mini-games


Use your mouse to interact with the game world.