A lot has changed in Juliet’s life since a magical tiara she found in a pyramid turned her into a princess. In Princess Juliet: Pony Love, Juliet thought that it would be a calm and happy day when she took a pony our for a ride, but the evil wizard had other plans. Can you help Juliet to find and rescue her pony from the hut of the mean wizard? Strap on your riding helmet and let the rescue mission begin.

Trixie, Daisy, Spot, and Rosie are waiting for you and Princess Juliet in the stables. Each of these four ponies is a favorite of the princess and she likes to take them all for rides. This game has stages that you can play, and in the first stage you can choose a pony for the princess to groom before going out to ride. In this stage, you can see the five needs of the pony you’ve chosen at the top of the screen. These are hunger, thirst, hygiene, horseshoes, and, finally, the saddle. You can choose from different options you see in this stage, but not everything will please your pony. Once you take care of all of the needs of your cute pony, it’s time to head outside! In the second stage, you will see how the evil wizard kidnaps Juliet’s pony. By solving different puzzles like finding the correct items, help Juliet to reach the hut where the evil wizard keeps the pony. Find the correct vines so Juliet can pass through the forest safely. Once you make it to the hut, you have to find a way to free the pony by unlocking the cage it’s trapped in.

Princess Juliet’s life is full of excitement! Check out her other games to help this adventurous princess! Have fun.


  • Colorful graphics
  • 4 different ponies to play with
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Cute characters


Use your mouse to play the game