Sail away from the sharks in this splashy park in Aquapark Shark! You are in search of a great adventure and one of the best extreme holiday activities is sailing through the slides of an aquapark. Hop on your inflatable raft and enjoy the splashy slides with a scary twist!

An aquapark is all fun and games until you have a life-threatening shark swimming behind you. So, hop on your raft and get ready to go as fast as you can. You will have a series of levels in which you will be riding your raft through slides of different shapes. You can ride your raft by clicking left on the screen and stop moving by releasing the left click. You need to balance your speed very well and move in a strategic way. This is because the slides have different degrees of slope and you need to land well once you jump high not to fall or have an accident. But do not go so slowly not to fail the level because in this case, you will see a huge shark appearing behind you. Try to collect as many money bundles as you can and hit the other riders to gain money as well. Now, let’s see if you will be enjoying this dangerous aquapark!

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Developer developed Aquapark Shark.

Release Date

July 14, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Need for strategies

Many levels to pass

Intuitive controls


You click left to accelerate and release the left click to stop moving. Balance your speed with the left click.