Become the ancestor of all the humans on earth and write your own history in Civilization! You have a free world that you can shape from scratch. Work hard and let’s see how good the life you start with your hands will be!

Civilization is a free management game that will take you to the beginning of history where you will see the way the first humans lived. With very little to work with, they had to spend their days and try to survive with all the difficulties of the wildlife. Now, you will need to give in all you got not only to survive but also to improve your environment. You can build new buildings and systems to make things develop faster. Once you collect food to eat, wood, and stones to use for the construction, you will have other people working for you, too. Now, let’s see how strong your systems are and if you can work out to be the leader of a new life on earth!

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spaceFishing developed Civilization.

Release Date

August 08, 2022


3D graphics

Systems to upgrade

Assistive speech balloons

On-screen joystick to use


You can use the cursor or the on-screen joystick to move the character.