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On this page, you’ll find a whole collection of online games starring man’s best friend. Help the puppies pop the bubbles, solve fun puzzles with funny canine protagonists, or groom your pet to get ready for the dog show. You can run your own pet salon, or help the prison guard and his K9 officer capture the thieves in the puzzle platformer Money Movers 3. There are lots of fun games to play, so have a browse through our catalogue, or continue reading more about dogs and our puppy-themed games below. Aside from puppies, we also offer a great collection of animal games. If you want to see our full range of adventures and simulators featuring wild and domestic animals, click here.

More about man’s best friend

Dogs appear to be the first species kept as domestic animals, and they are remarkably well adapted to living alongside human beings. Aside from providing comfort and companionship, they can pull sleds, guard properties, and herd and hunt other animals. These trusty companions can be trained to work with the police, or as service dogs to help people with disabilities. Dogs come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes, and colors, and some dog breeds are better-suited to certain tasks and roles than others. For instance, Great Danes can be very large, while other breeds are very small, like the Chihuahua. Until very recently, it was far more common for dogs to live outside of their owner’s house, but it’s increasingly common to keep them indoors day and night. This means there’s also a greater interest in dog training and walking services, because some typical canine behaviors (such as peeing on things to mark their territory, and rolling in the mud) are best restricted to the park...

Online dog games for kids

Are you a hug fan of cute canines? If you’re not allowed to have a dog of your own, you can already practice walking, grooming, and attending to the health care needs of your puppy with our fun games. Have fun playing!