Get down to some vintage fun with Zrist! This game presents you with an epic vintage platform run. You are a cute little square block, and you have an endless way ahead of you. Keep an eye on the obstacles waiting for you and go as far as you can.

In this addictive and vintage-looking game, you have an endless platform that runs beneath you very fast. This only makes the game addictive and fun. When you are gliding as the little block, there will be some obstacles before you, though. Some higher stacks of blocks that have little space beneath them are there for you to slide under. Other relatively smaller blocks are there so that you can jump over them. When you panic and make a wrong move before the white blocks, everything is alright. You can simply make the right move again. But the red blocks will cause you to start your journey again. In this fun game, 7 rules come into play randomly. At some point with the fog rule, you will start having a fog to the right of the screen. With the invisible rule, you will move on without seeing the block. Others rules go as; jumping in the air to switch gravity, extra jump, lag, speed up, and memory. You should discover all the extra rules and play accordingly!

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NoaDev developed Zrist.

Release Date
December 03, 2021

Colorful and vintage graphics
Addictive gameplay
Vintage video game music
Intuitive skills
7 different challenges

You can use the X key or the left-click to jump and the c key or the right-click to slide.