In Magi Dog, get ready to dive into a colorful and magical world where dogs can cast spells and slugs are big and mean! Our main character is on a quest, and despite having special powers, he needs your help to overcome various obstacles on his way. Can you lend a helping hand to him and join him on this journey?

There are some situations where barking can't solve. Just like the ones you'll encounter in this game. The objective of this game is to complete each level by collecting all three red gems in them before heading to the exit portal. This might sound like an easy task, but there are many enemies and challenges on your path. But don't worry, because the controls of this game are pretty simple and easy to learn. To start the game, click on the play button on the main menu. You'll be taken to the level selection screen. There are 18 levels that you can complete. In these levels, you can collect coins. These can be used to unlock different character models. How many of them can you collect?

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Kiz10 developed Magi Dog.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 10 different character skins to unlock
  • 18 different levels to complete
  • 3 different worlds
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Intuitive controls


You can use the arrow keys to control your character. Move with the left and the right arrow keys, and jump with the up arrow key. Double pressing on the up arrow key lets you double jump. With the SPACE BAR, you can perform a magic attack.