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On this page, you’ll find all of Kizi’s best truck games, from big lorries to mighty dump trucks and road trains. We also have a large collection of car games and driving games for you to play. Have a browse and select your favorite cargo transport vehicles. In our transport truck games you’ll have to deliver your cargo without crashing your vehicle or letting your freight slip from the bed of the lorry. Our monster truck games, on the other hand, are all about destruction. Crush the regular cars beneath your giant wheels.

Deliver your cargo in our truck games for kids

In our truck games, you’ll have to drive a large vehicle to right destination while keeping your shipment safe. It won’t be easy, because there heavy trucks are more difficult to control than regular cars. There are all kinds of different lorries to try out, from massive 18-wheelers to box trucks and pickup trucks. In our pickup truck trial games, you’ll have to keep your balance to prevent the crates and logs from toppling out of the cargo area as you pick your way through the rocky mountain routes. On the highway, it’s the other traffic you have to look out for. Reckless drivers will try to make your task more difficult as you rush to deliver your cargo on time. Will you make it?

Lorries and more!

Monster trucks are converted pick-up trucks with enormous wheels and powerful suspension. These vehicles can take on the toughest obstacles. We also have games featuring agricultural trucks and tank trucks, semi-tractor trucks and wreckers. Have a look around our collection and play with the largest motor vehicles on the road! You can play our unblocked truck games on PC and mobile. Have fun!