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Enjoy the coolest skateboard and skater games at Kizi, where you’ll find the best free-to-play titles online. Cruise with your longboard, or try performing cool tricks in the halfpipe with your shortboard. We’ve got Stickman skateboarding games, skateboard delivery games, cool stunts games with skateboard, and lots more! Collect coins to upgrade your board with better wheels and bearings, or stronger decks. Skateboarding originally became popular because of surfing and in the early days of the sport, it was also referred to as ‘sidewalk surfing’. If you’re into other sports, be sure to check out our sport games page as well!

The history behind online skateboard games

Skateboarding was invented in California in the 1950s, where surfing is a popular sport. Initially, there were no companies that produced skateboards, so people who wanted to give it a try had to make their own boards by cutting planks or wooden crates into a rounded board-shape and attaching roller-skate trucks and wheels to the bottom. These days, there are a number of different manufacturers of skateboards and skateboard accessories. Modern skateboards are usually made out of maplewood with a strong coating of polyurethane. The deck has a light curve on one or both ends, which is called the kicktail. You can use this to kick the board up and perform tricks. The top of the board is coated with grip tape, which looks and feels like sandpaper. This keeps the skater’s feet from slipping while riding or landing a jump. The underside often has cool prints on it, but you can also buy them blank and create your own unique design. There are different components you can use to customize your skateboard, to protect the graphics on the underside, for shock-absorption, or to prevent the wheels from scraping the deck.

Enjoy free skateboard games from the comfort of your home

New to skateboarding? Beginning skateboarders account for a significant proportion of injuries serious enough to involve a trip to the hospital, but even pros can suffer painful falls with severe damage. With Kizi’s online skateboard games, you can play it safe while performing the craziest of skateboard stunts. Explore a huge range of tricks and moves you probably had best not try in real life, and all without the risk of broken bones! Have fun playing!