TMNT Decked Out is taking you to dangerous missions like in comics! Today is the day off of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. On the way of turning back home in the dark, and suddenly a black ninja appears out of nowhere. What to do about that? Of course, our heroes cannot sit and wait for someone to get hurt because of those enemies. In the end, they decide to give up from their day off and complete the mission. Help them to fight with the evil!

These turtles' job is quite difficult. Each day, different enemies and similar fights! They had only one day off, but this time, they are under attack. Help them to win the fight fast and easy so that they can turn back home right away, and the safety of the city will be provided. To start the game, select your favorite ninja and turn back to business by hopping on your skateboard! Use your keyboard to move up and down, space key to slay, and mouse for ultimate attacks. If you hit somewhere or get attacked by a villain, you lose energy given as pizza slices. So, collect the pizza slices on the way so as not to fail. You can also collect different weapons to make your ninja turtle stronger. Good luck with this dangerous mission!

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  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Thrilling and entertaining gameplay
  • Different tasks to be completed
  • Skill improvement and comics involved


Up and low keys to move forward and back. Space key to slay. Left-click to use tap and smash buttons in the game.