Drift all the way in Drift Car Extreme Simulator! You get the best cars, and you got a fever for drifting. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your car and get on the free lands. It’s time to hit the gas and let loose with your craziest drift moves!

This drifting game is a great simulation. With the realistic 3D graphics, you will feel like in an action movie. There is a chance to create a huge selection of cars which you can enlarge by customizing your car. Try to upgrade the brakes, speed, tires, and fuel capacity of the car your car. This will make your ride smoother. You can freely drive around the land if you wish. You may also check out the mission mode to complete some quests or the race mode to enjoy a fast race. Always keep an eye on your fuel, shoot some pics if you like, and try to achieve the best drifts. Let’s see if you can be great at each of the modes!

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Best Free Games developed Drift Car Extreme Simulator.

Release Date

June 14, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• New cars to unlock

• Need for skillful driving controls

• 3 main modes to challenge yourself


You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to drive and drift the car.