Play The Smurfs Skate Rush and feel the breeze of the wind while rocking your skate! Welcome to the village of the Smurfs. You should be quick to keep up with their pace because Gargamel is just behind you. Are you ready to kick up dirt and flee Gargamel?

You have very little time to get used to how things work in Smurf’s village. Your number one enemy is Gargamel, and you need to be fast enough to run away from him until you eliminate the danger. Thankfully, you have your skate and can rush out with your great skating skills. Now, hop on your skate and glide through the long road full of obstacles. Don’t worry, though. You can avoid these challenges if you skate well enough by pressing the right arrow key at the right time. Jump over the high obstacles and hop on the higher platforms. Also, make sure to slide under the lower obstacles and change lanes when you see something like a car driving toward you. Do your best not to distract your pace, and always collect the strawberries you will see on the way. With them, you can unlock new skins or upgrade some skills to enjoy brand-new and better gameplay.

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IMPS developed The Smurfs Skate Rush.

Release Date

October 18, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Upgrades to unlock

• New Smurfs to unlock as the character

• Daily Word Hunt game for more points

• Periodic missions to complete

• Ranking board available


Use the arrow keys to move the Smurf’s skate sideways or jump up and slide down.