Hold on to your partner and slip around on your skates in Flip Skater Idle! Skating might be your true passion but do you have what it takes to win a difficult challenge with your partner? Let’s see if you are both cut from champion cloth!

In this skating game, you will not simply go straight ahead on your skates. Although you will see many obstacles on your way to the finish line like you would in a classic challenge, your method of skating will be different in this game. You and your partner will be moving forward in a circular motion to avoid the obstacles and move on forward. Through a series of fifty-five levels, you should enhance the way you handle this dual way of skating, collect stars and avoid all the obstacles to complete a level. Once you start the level, the skaters will automatically start skating and all you need is to rotate them using the left and right arrow keys. Now, hit the road and see if you can see the finish line in this difficult challenge for fifty-five levels!

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Meyagames developed Flip Skater Idle.

Release Date

December 27, 2023


Colorful 3D graphics

Unique gameplay

55 levels

Skateboards to unlock


Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the duo.