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Can you hear the roaring sounds coming from the engines of these beastly trucks? On this page, you can find many different free online truck games to play. These vehicles are massive and very few can stand in their way. Whether you like to destroy other cars or take part in an exhilarating race, you can find just the game for the perfect fun time! So choose one from the list, start the engines, and get ready to wreak havoc on the streets or in an arena!

The invention of the monster trucks

Have you ever thought who decided that ordinary trucks were not enough and needed an upgrade? If you want to learn the answer to that question, you should travel back to the 1970s. During those years, heavily modified trucks were becoming popular. Several truck owners created lifted trucks to compete against each other in different events. Soon, the competition to hold the title of the biggest truck developed.

In 1981, Bob Chandler drove his truck over junked cars in his truck Bigfoot. It's often believed that Bigfoot is the first monster truck to crush cars. Later, the term monster truck is used for defining all trucks with oversized tires. The events about these massive vehicles are still popular around the world, and you can experience the joy of driving these trucks in our games!

Monster truck games for every taste

Crashing cars is not the only way to use monster trucks. On this page, you can see games with different objectives. Do you know you can play soccer while driving around in a monster truck? Check our game Monster Truck Soccer see for yourself. You can also check our collection of regular truck games by clicking here.