Hold on tight to your monster track and let yourself into the dust in Death Race Monster Arena! This game is all about extremes and dangerous challenges. Soothe yourself because you are about to experience a race of a lifetime!

This driving simulation consists of four main game modes. You can enjoy driving with 3D graphics in the sandbox arena that will present you with various parts of the land by setting goals you set for yourself in the free drive mode. You can fight against your rivals to reach a specific target in derby mode. You will have the chance to enjoy a classic race where you need to reach the finish line first in the racing mode. Finally, you will be given risky tasks in the challenge mode. There is a chance to play with a friend from the same computer thanks to the 2-player option. This way, you can either enjoy all the vehicles to unlock and all the various atmospheres alone or with your friend!

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RHM Interactive developed Death Race Monster Arena.

Release Date

December 22, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• New vehicles to unlock

• Many different atmospheres and four main game modes

• Sandbox graphics


You can use the arrow keys to drive. Use the shift key for nitro speed, change the camera view with C, roll back with R and look back with T. Press the space key to slide the car for drifts.