Unleash the monster in you in Zombie Monster Truck! Drive with all your speed and power to see how far you can get in these scary lands!

In this driving game, you will be driving straight through the ramps of the spooky roads full of monsters and zombies. To go further and avoid being beaten down by the monsters, you need to hit the gas and go fast while driving over these monsters. How far your car can go depends on the skill set of your car. Once you try your best a few times by starting at the same level, you will start collecting coins. You can and are advised to spend these coins on enhancing your car. You can upgrade the turbo, wheels, armor, gun, fuel tank, weight, engine, and transmission. There are many new parts of the road to unlocking depending on how far you can go, so let’s see how the ride will turn out to be!

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Inlogic Software developed Zombie Monster Truck.

Release Date

November 02, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Upgradable car features

Variety of different parts on the map

Gem and coins store to manage your earnings


Drive the car with the WASD or the arrow keys.