In Baby Hazel Kitchen Time, you should help baby Hazel to prepare her lunch. It is the first time her parents are not home, and she is on her own to prepare her food. She has no idea how to shop, cook, and prepare the table. In this fun girls game, you can also learn a delicious meal to cook with your parents at home! Let's help this cutie by starting the game now!

Our cutie baby is having trouble with making preparations for her lunch. Since her parents are out of town, you are the one who should help her and the little bunny friend. The first thing to do is shopping. Purchase the ingredients and utensils she asks from the market. When you are done, you can continue to the second level, cooking. Use the ingredients you bought from the market to cook that delicious meal. Meanwhile, she can get bored sometimes. So, give her what she needs at that moment. Next step is the third level, which is preparing the table. Put all the food and necessary items on the table. At the last level, you should feed her and her bunny friend with homemade delicious food you cooked. Now you are ready to make the little girl happy again!

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Axis Entertainment developed this game.

Release Date

August, 2013


  • Fun shopping for ingredients and utensils
  • Preparing delicious meals
  • Entertaining and fun gameplay
  • 3D colorful graphics


You can play this game with your mouse.